An All White Democratic Debate? Well almost…

Senator Kamala Harris was one of the Democratic Presidential Candidates who had made the minimum requirements to participate in this Thursday’s debate. She was the only person of color at that point. So when she dropped out it looked like we were going to have an all white panel. And the social media universe went insane with finger pointing and accusations that minorities were being cheated and marginalized once again.

And then American businessman, Andrew Yang, made the cut. But that doesn’t solve the issue for the Democrats about who is actually to blame?

Now a lot of posters across the smear-o-verse are pointing fingers at the Democratic National Committee? Really? I don’t think they wear this one. After the accusations from Senator Bernie Sanders camp in 2016 around perceived DNC favoritism, to my view, they’ve bent over backwards to accommodate the two dozen or so candidates we’ve all been blessed with.

I mean…they ran multiple night debates with ten candidates per night…that’s extremely unwieldy…and wasn’t much fun to watch. And that drew complaints but what was the DNC to do? Arbitrarily cut someone? Oh man would the fur fly then. So they incremented slowly rising minimum fund raising goals and minimum poll numbers…and they were really minimums by contemporary presidential campaign standards.

So who’s the blame? Well having twenty plus candidates. Many of the low polling people had to know that they weren’t viable going in. Particularly knowing that Senator Sanders was coming back and that Senator Elizabeth Warren was a major persona to be reckoned with.

So this really falls to the candidates. Were you really honest with yourself about your candidacy? Why are you still in the race if you are polling 1%. Why are you still in the race if you can’t bring in competitive donations? You need to look at yourself. Is your platform what the people are talking about? Are you supportive of what the people need? Did you hire the right people to staff your campaign? I know it’s hard to find qualified people when two dozen candidates are looking for the same people…but again…if you can’t attract the staff you need…that’s on you and your positions. You got the personality to play the big stage? You know, if everything was equal with the number of candidates each would have started with like 3%. If you haven’t pulled at least that…and your trend isn’t upward…it’s on you, the candidate.

If the candidate can’t get the electorate excited and involved…they ain’t going nowhere.

Now the second half of this tirade.

Who was putting out all of the posts and tweets complaining about the lack of diversity. Yes I realize it’s an issue…but see the above…if the candidates can’t get the electorate excited enough to donate bucks and support them in the polls…those complaining are complaining about themselves. They put or didn’t put the candidates on the debate stage. Yes, it isn’t totally that simple…but in the consensus…it is.

Now, back to those creating the tweets, memes, and posts about the all white candidates debate. Just to crank up a bit of conspiracy here…this smacks of the suppression efforts in 2016…when talking points around the social media environments influenced people of color to stay home…because there wasn’t anything in the Clinton campaign for them. So these latest complaints smack of that same type of effort…there are no people of color involved…so there’s no reason to participate…they cheated you again.

Well that’s bullshit. Every American voter needs to vote…vote to secure their nation in their image…and don’t hold your breath for the perfect candidate…blue isn’t a natural tone. And don’t fall for disinformation or suppression messaging this time! We still have too many candidates but find one that responds closest to your liking..and help push them forward!


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1 thought on “An All White Democratic Debate? Well almost…

  1. Sorry that Cory Booker did make this debate.

    Sander’s is my choice, but the recent election results in England and US polling seem to to be anti-progressive in sentiment.

    Booker is more middle-road and does not have the negative baggage of Biden.

    Be sure that Trumsters will focus on “It’s the economy, stupid”. Still alot of time before 2020 elections….

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