From the Democratic Party of Milwaukee Co.: If you are a lawyer or a law student

From this week’s newsletter of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County: If you are a lawyer or a law student, or if you know one or more, the following announcement is for you!

The DNC’s Civic Engagement and Voter Protection (CEVP) department is actively recruiting lawyers and law students in preparation for 2020. As the Presidential Primary and General Election near, the DNC needs legal minds on the ground prepared to join the fight as poll watchers.

To assist us, you must:

Be a Democrat. Be a registered voter. Have (or be in pursuit of) a J.D.

No prior experience in voter protection is necessary! The DNC will train all poll watchers how to challenge, mediate, record, track, and report poll worker misconduct and/or acts of voter suppression. On Election Day, poll watchers will monitor their precinct for illegal conduct to ensure that every eligible voter who wants to vote can vote.

We work diligently to protect voters from acts of voter suppression and to educate voters on their rights at the polls, but we can’t do it alone! If you are interested in poll watching, voter protection, or just want to learn more, please reach out to Shelby Hahn at either or (202) 681-3904.

So there it is!


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