Jim Sullivan Announces Run for MKE County Executive

cripes…this is starting to feel like the Democratic presidential primary field…we have, I think, seven candidates for an office that nobody in their right mind should want. But here it is:

The head of Milwaukee County’s Child Support Services announced Wednesday he would run for the county executive seat to be vacated by incumbent Chris Abele.

Jim Sullivan, the director of the child support department since 2011, is the ninth person to file to join the race.

Sullivan finished third in the 2011 race for county executive, the election that put Abele in office. Abele decided in October he would not run again. Sullivan is likely to have the financial backing of the deep-pocketed Abele.

emphasis mine

There…apparently I spent too much time at holiday parties over the past weekend…and I lost count…it’s NINE candidates.

Watch this space!


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