WI GOP Ignores the 83% Again and Again

Several months ago a Marquette University poll showed that 83% of Wisconsinites favored medical marijuana. Governor Evers tried to get it started and the GOP…well let’s be fair…Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald shot it down with nary a thought.

So earlier today, in the surprise of the week, two Republican lawmakers tried to propose a medical marijuana bill.

Two Republican lawmakers tried Wednesday to breathe new life into a proposal to legalize marijuana for medicinal use, but it was blocked within an hour by the leader of the state Senate.

The proposal from Rep. Mary Felzkowski of Irma and Sen. Kathy Bernier of Chippewa Falls would create a new state program to license dispensaries of marijuana for anyone with a serious medical condition, like cancer, AIDS or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Now Rep. Felzkowski has had cancer and knows what she’s talking about:

“I took a whole lot of medications with a whole lot of side effects that I still deal with today,” Felzkowski said. “I can look at what happened to me and other people and see that this could be used without those side effects, and I’lI tell you what … those side effects were horrific.”

But before these two women could draw their next breath:

… Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald quickly rejected the idea as he’s done before, saying he personally opposes the idea and doesn’t believe his GOP-controlled chamber is on board.

Well, not not everyone on his side of aisle is buying it:

Felzkowski, who is a cancer survivor, said her only goal at this point is to have a public hearing on the proposal and anticipated she would have to change minds in both GOP caucuses, which have long opposed similar proposals from Democrats

You know Senator…it really wouldn’t hurt to have a discussion. The GOP still owns both houses in Madison…nothing’s going anywhere unless your caucus moves it. Let’s just see what everyone is thinking…


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