Will There Be An Impeachment Trial In The Senate?

Damn straight! And here’s why:

The House is expected to approve their Articles of Impeachment along an essentially party line vote. Now over the past few months, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has indicated that he might table the trial portion of the proceedings…but that’s pretty much bullshit.

It’s been commonly accepted that the president won’t be removed from office by the Senate. And as we know, there is nothing that Sen. McConnell will do or leave undone to further his agenda.

Given that there are several key Senators running for president on the Democratic ticket, I will expect to see schedules, delays, and interference with the trial by the GOP to maximize the pain on the various candidates around the early primary season. Keeping them in Washington when they’d really like to be in Iowa or New Hampshire or North Carolina or where ever.

Just watch:


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