Benghazi, Benghazi, Baghdad!

We all know the circumstances and tragedy around the riots and terrorism in Benghazi Libya and the death of the American ambassador at the American consulate there. We know from the news reports…but more clearly from the something like 10 different Congressional investigations and the 11 hours of testimony from former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The results? It could have been prevented but there was no wrong doing or criminal activity by any US personnel. Certainly some of the fall out resulting in the scores of but whaddabout Benghazi questions during the 2016 campaign help sink Ms. Clinton’s candidacy.

But just a few weeks ago we had an active and direct attack on the American Embassy compound in Baghdad. Not as the result of an overall movement in society but as the direct result of an military action taken by our president. And proof neither he nor the US military was prepared for such a direct assault in the Green Zone. A major failing that the commander in chief should be held directly accountable for. Is there a Congressional hearing scheduled yet?

First, the demonstrators were certainly supported by the Iranians. But the Green Zone is protected by the Iraqis and apparently they made no effort to prevent the demonstrators from reaching the embassy compound. Now we are very aware of hostility to the presence of American troops in Iraq. There has been talk in their legislature for months about forcing us to leave. And the Embassy is not guarded by American troops but rather by African mercenaries. Troops that were pulled back to defend the Embassy itself and ceding the visitor center to the occupiers. It was the visitor center that was trashed and occupied, not the Embassy proper.

But why wasn’t the Embassy actually ready for a local response to our bombing of Iranian supported Iraqi militia positions? Why were the Iraqis amenable to allowing attackers to enter the Green Zone and try to attack the American Embassy? Why aren’t the self same protectors of American Foreign Policy and American diplomats in Congress and particularly the GOP controlled Senate ready to investigate the failings in Baghdad?

Where’s Rep. Trey Gowdy who chaired the committee that grilled Ms. Clinton for 11 hours? Why isn’t Senator Ron Johnson (Chair of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security) not all over this? Why aren’t we concerned about American diplomatic and military failure to anticipate issues and initially protect the American compound in Baghdad? Why have we lost the trust and support of the Iraqi government? The responsibility for this failure and the destruction of American property falls squarely on the president. Thank goodness no lives were lost.


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