County Board Chair Theo Lipscomb Responds:

Last evening we received a response to our post about Milwaukee County Board Chairman Theo Lipscomb and voting rights. We are pleased to publish his response in his entirety, unedited, and with his permission. Thank you Theo!

Dear Blogging Blue,

To be clear the right to vote is your franchise, there is no right for a candidate to make it on the ballot and when someone signs a nomination paper they are not saying they support that candidate or pledging to vote for them. The law against serial circulation has been in place for over 40 years and is designed to ensure candidates have a reasonable base of support. Circulators unlike signers attest that they support the candidate.

The voter purge is something else entirely. Voters are purged every four years AFTER the spring election following the Presidential Election (so it will happen in Spring 2021), if they haven’t voted at all in 4 years. The lawsuit aims to accelerate the purge to before the biggest election of the 4 year cycle. That move IS voter disenfranchisement and suppression and I am opposed. Those two concepts are not at odds or hypocritical.

Thank You!



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