No Americans Were Hurt

On January 8, 2020, Iran launched about a dozen missiles at bases inside Iraq that housed US military personnel. At the time of the attacks, the Pentagon and the White House assured us that no Americans were killed or injured.

Well it turns out that they were lying.

On Thursday, they admitted that 11 servicemen had been injured and airlifted to medical facilities outside of Iraq. Eight to Germany and three others to Kuwait.

Although now they are claiming the injuries were minor, just concussions, they thought best to airlift them out of Iraq to hospitals in other countries. This makes me tend to think they are still lying to us about the extent of the injuries to American servicemen.

We hold our service people dear…as the GOP and the president also claim to do. But then they lie about casualties…for days. I can’t stomach the president lying about our troops. To me, this is an unpardonable impeachable offense as well. The safety and well being of our troops should be paramount and when we have casualties in action, the American people should be fairly and accurately told about the situation. We need to understand why the president felt it necessary to lie to the American people about injuries on the field of battle.


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