You Won’t Be Voting for Sullivan or Kennedy in the MKE County Executive Race

After filing an appeal to the decision from the Wisconsin Elections Commission removing them from the Milwaukee County ballot for County Executive, Glendale Mayor Bryan Kennedy and Jim Sullivan got their second bit of bad news today. The Milwaukee County Circuit Court hearing the appeal decided that they shouldn’t be reinstated on the ballot. That pretty much kills their chances for this round and kicks the county electorate in the teeth by limiting their choices in the February primary.

Judge keeps 2 disqualified Milwaukee County executive candidates off the ballot

“This is going to be the end of the case,” attorney Michael S. Maistelman said before the hearing. “What the judge decides today will dictate whether the candidates are put back on the ballot or remain off.”

An appeal would be a moot point, unless the Court of Appeals takes action, because the ballots have to be printed, said Maistelman, who represents Milwaukee County Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb Sr. Lipscomb, who is also a county executive candidate, challenged the signatures that Sullivan and Kennedy filed and has pushed for their removal from the ballot.


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