So Where Is The Kushner Middle East Peace Plan?

I wrote that headline last October with the intent of poking the hornets nest since the long promised peace plan…the one that was supposed to be a first year win for the Trump regime…was still missing in action.

Well it dropped last week during the impeachment brouhaha without much notice in the press or social media. So technically, it’s still missing in the weeds.

I haven’t seen much about it other than it’s 181 pages long and the general consensus seems to be that it pisses on the Palestinians. So part of my Blogging Blue todo list is to see what is in the plan and what I think about it.

But I don’t hold out much hope that it will be a comprehensive program that will actually bring peace or a equitable two state solution for Israel and Palestine.


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1 thought on “So Where Is The Kushner Middle East Peace Plan?

  1. I read this joke of a plan. 50 billion from “other” Arab countries. RIGHT. Getting them 5G which we don’t even have. Create a great economic powerhouse; they don’t even have an airport. No statehood and no land returned. Still have travel restrictions and U.S. cuts to any relief. And trump wonders why they rejected this steaming pile?

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