Yes, I understand that Senator Bernie Sanders carried the day in New Hampshire. But it wasn’t the resounding win that he experienced in 2016 against a very well known opponent.

But this time the moderates clearly won. If you take Sen. Sanders vote total and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s vote total, you get 103,711 for the progressive wing of the party.

If you consider the moderates to be former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and upstart Pete Buttigieg, their vote total was 159,174.

Shrug. So South Carolina will be very very interesting…as maybe Nevada will be.

3 Responses to New Hampshire Winner: The Moderates

  1. Carol G says:

    Isn’t that the line of MSNBC and CNN — that it was a night for the moderates? Are you sure you aren’t just copying from their playbook?

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