I have several personal email accounts and two Blogging Blue accounts. Besides the campaigns that I have ‘subscribed’ to, I get dozens of emails from Democratic candidates across the country. Many of them I have never heard of. They are often running for the House from their home states or some statewide office.

And a bunch of other ditzy Democratic organizations as well.

Since I don’t know many of these Dems, I am assuming they are getting my email information from the national party or other Democratic candidates.

And I have gotten emails from almost all of the presidential candidates…except Yang and Bloomberg….and Senator Sanders.

So my conclusion is Senator Sanders isn’t working with other Democratic organizations or the party to run his campaign. So is he actually a Democrat?

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5 Responses to Why I Would Question Whether Bernie Sanders Is A Democrat

  1. Edward Susterich says:

    >>>>”So is he actually a Democrat?”>>>>>>>

    Is party affiliation that important?

    Instead, consider the positions taken by the candidate on important issues– his/her voting record. Coinsider who is funding the candidate– and the obligation to further their interests if elected.

    “Corporate” Democrats Obama, Biden, Schumer…et al. failed to address the corruption of the Wall Street financial interests after the most serious banking disaster in our nation’s history. (The Dems had control of the House, Senate, and Presidency for the first two years of Obama’s term.) Yet Obama nixed appointing Elizabeth Warren to a position to address the Wall Street corruption– payback to the “Big Money” interests prevailed.

    “Corporate” Biden supported our war intervention in the Middle-East– Bernie Sanders did not– or doesn’t it matter?

    The stench resulting from Hunter Biden’s $800,000 “take” from Ukraine energy should be ignored…because Biden is the insider choice of the Democratic hierarchy– right?

    Remember how the Clintons, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile, and the rest of the hierarchy (including Super-Deligates)locked out Sanders in the 2016 Democratic Convention?

    In the past Trump was supporter of the Dems– though now he is neither a Democrat or a Republican. So much for party affiliation or insider endorcement.

    Consider the person…not the party.

  2. Scott Grover says:

    Perhaps Bernie is considerate enough that he doesn’t have to “steal” e-mail addresses from other sources. Perhaps he thinks that if you want his e-mails, you’ll ask for them.

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      you don’t win elections by waiting for the electorate to come to you…nor ignoring liberal blog sites.

  3. Edward Susterich says:

    My experience– I responded to one Republican blogger, who in turn, shared my email address with a multitude of Wisconsin Republican splinter groups (a couple dozen of them such as Sportsmen for Trump, Veterans with Buicks for Trump, Bald-headed men for Trump, Dog Lovers Against Abortion…. [Preceding are fictitious but typify actual.. there is entertainment value in continuing to receive emails from the Trump cult so I don’t want to get purged.] My conclusion: the Trumpsters are very well organized and are determined to get results down to the grass roots level including Hispanics, Blacks, the “working class”, etc.

    By contrast, over the years I have volunteered and donated to Democratic candidates, worked at call centers, etc. but received not a peep from Wisconsin Democratic Party. Candidates, yes…but the WisDems party, no. Apparently you are valued or worthy of consideration only if you are a card-carrying member and party donor.

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      The Trumpsters have one major advantage. They have their party candidate. The DPW at this point has to remain fairly neutral and not support a candidate ahead of the primary.

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