And We Now Have A 2020 Presumptive Nominee!

No, not Senator Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden…but President Donald Trump! Apparently yesterday’s primaries put him over the top and he’s crowing about it in his fundraising emails.

President Trump has officially been named your 2020 Presumptive Republican Nominee for President of the United States.

He has always said that this entire campaign has never been about him, it’s always been about YOU. This is your country and he is simply your voice.

Becoming the Presumptive Nominee is just step one and there is a lot of work in front of us. We know the Fake News and their Democrat partners will stop at nothing to take us down.

First, they tried to take us down by rigging the 2016 election. Then they tried to take us down with the Russia Collusion Delusion. And then they tried to take us down with the Impeachment Scam.

Typical Trump campaign rhetoric…so no surprises here.

BUT: will this happen when we finally do have a presumptive Democratic nominee?

In 2016, when President Trump was announced your Republican Nominee, Americans from across the Nation came together and we had an incredible fundraising day.

Can we? Will we? Can Democrats from across the nation come together and get behind the Democratic nominee?


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