Did The Youth Vote Let Sanders Down?

We all are aware of the excitement that Senator Bernie Sanders generates with the younger voting blocs across the United States. And he proudly announces his intentions to win by bringing out younger voters.

But the problem on Super Tuesday for Senator Sanders was his young voters just didn’t show up. And as many of his supporters are happily proclaiming that they won’t vote for anyone else but Bernie…if Senator Sanders loses the nomination…it will be because THEY didn’t vote now. That demonic DNC isn’t rigging the election.

Sanders crushed it with younger voters. Looking across all the contests with an exit poll, Sanders won an astounding 61% to Biden’s 17% among voters under 30 years old. He even beat Biden by 20 points (43% to 23%) among those between 30 years old and 44 years old.

The problem for Sanders is the under 45 group make up a smaller piece of the pie. In no Super Tuesday state with an exit poll did those under 45 years old make up more than 42% of voters. Those under 45 years old were just 35% of the electorate in the median state.

Going forward, the math is simple enough for Sanders. He’s either gotta win more votes from those voters who regularly turn out, or he’ll need to bring more young people to the polls.


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3 thoughts on “Did The Youth Vote Let Sanders Down?

  1. Interesting that you would mention younger voters as Sanders strength. That was considered McGovern’s strength back in ’72.

    “Those who fail to learn from the brutal stompings visited on them in the past are doomed to be brutally stomped in the future.”

    – Raoul Duke, Christmas Eve 1972

      1. “Grow up” for forecasting the future by looking at the past or making Hunter S. Thompson references or what?

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