Ok, this is something of a surprise and a big disappointment…but buried in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about the retirement of Sen. Fred Risser is this tidbit:

And in a further shakeup of Democratic politics in Dane County, state Rep. Chris Taylor announced Thursday she would not run for a seat in either house of the Legislature. She had long been viewed as a likely candidate if Risser gave up his district, which covers the heart of Madison.   

“I have been humbled by the trust my district has placed in me, and it has been a true privilege to serve in some of the most difficult and divisive political times in our state’s history, including during this COVID-19 crisis,” Taylor said in a statement, referring to the global coronavirus pandemic.


One Response to Rep. Chris Taylor isn’t running for re-election?

  1. Zach W says:

    Rep. Taylor’s retirement from the Legislature is a blow to not only her district but the state as a whole.

    That being said, Dane County’s bench is deep so I’m sure someone great will replace both her and Sen. Risser.

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