Sen. Sanders: Doing the Same Thing, Expecting Different Results.

Now the good senator is probably right…the Democratic candidate is going to need ‘non-traditional’ voters and younger voters to win in November. But he is wrong in thinking he is the candidate who can do that. It looks like record numbers turned out in Florida today and he got creamed. If he can’t rally his base now, he wouldn’t be able to do it November. Can Biden…I don’t know.


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5 thoughts on “Sen. Sanders: Doing the Same Thing, Expecting Different Results.

  1. Good Morning Ed,

    I don’t have any figures on this, but looking for professional analysis, does the shutting of universities affect any of the youth turnout yesterday? Voting students back at their parents’ homes and perhaps registered to vote at their student address? WI state Dems might want to check the factor going into Karofsky v Walker appointed Kelly still slated for April 7. Sharing a potential factor that occurred to me.

    Glad to see you going after Trump previous to this post, don’t forget Gallagher, Steil, Grothman and Sensenbrenner in their genuine, heartfelt, “concern,” for all of us.

    Saying it better than I did yesterday:

    Biden is where?

  2. Since Bernie is now done, why don’t we move the Spring election to May 12th. Those 5 weeks would help get control of the Wuhan flu. With the special election North of Hwy 64 on that date, we’d save both money and lives.

    1. Esenberg and WILL have been reported as ready to sue Evers should any notion of protecting public health regarding the April 7 elections be considered.

      Living north of the tension line myself, the GOPers would also likely have to draw them some new “emergency” voting districts to rig the elections both north and south of Hwy 64 before your idea could be considered.

      1. Not quite. According to Esenberg said,”he [Evers] could rely on the breadth of his emergency powers to do so[move an election]. He only sounded like he’d sue if Evers pulls anything that “substantially impacts the right to vote” or results in a “significant delay in the election”. IMHO a May 12 date would not. Don’t kill grandma Governor, move it.

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