So Where Are The COVID-19 Tests?

No really, where are the tests? News reports indicate that the United States has completed somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 tests…for the whole nation…period. While South Korea, a smaller nation with less means than the US, has been completing 10,000 A DAY…even using drive through test sites.

I hate to be a conspiracy theorist but this lack of testing goes beyond an inept president and is starting to feel like his desire to keep ‘his numbers’ low is driving the lack of tests.

This has now become criminal negligence and Americans are dying.


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4 thoughts on “So Where Are The COVID-19 Tests?

    1. That’s total bullshit Bob and coming from a supposed health care professional that’s appalling. If you still have a license you should lose it.

    2. How about getting our elected dimwits back to work and confirm Ms. Palm. Doesn’t Wis deserve an actual, confirmed Public Health leader?

  1. Delays in US testing can be attributed, in part, to the CDC’s decision to develop its own test, which turned out to be faulty.

    It seems that it was the CDC bureaucrats that hold no small portion of fault. I suspect they were put in place during the previous administration. I know that no action will be taken against them. They are acronymed government bureaucrats after all. Dangerous levels of incompetence coupled with protection from consequences are part of the job description.

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