Trump Abandoning Sick People At Sea To Protect His ‘Numbers’?

If nothing else we should have learned a lot from the ‘quarantine’ of the Diamond Princess at Yokohama Japan…that leaving sick people and healthy people in a confined space…with no way to effectively separate them or treat the sick…we end up spreading the virus around the ship.

So now we have the Grand Princess off the coast of California…and the president’s response is…I prefer to leave them there…bringing them ashore will increase the numbers of affected people in the US. WTF?

Instead of effective prevention and treatment, we’re worried about the president’s numbers. Well I for one am not. Learn from Japan’s mistake. Get everyone off the ship. Get the sick to medical facilities for treatment. Quarantine or isolate the rest and provide them with tests. Separate those testing positive and keep them away from the rest. This isn’t deep medical science, this is common sense. Our president yesterday at the CDC:

Now, Vice President Michael Pence has a just bit different view. He says we will bring the passengers ashore when we find a non-commercial port. Well I am comfortable not using a port that regularly docks cruise ships or other passenger vessels. But one that services container ships won’t do? There must be a half dozen of those along the west coast. And how many navy ports do we have. San Diego springs to mind…plus they’d have the other infrastructure required for transportation to medical facilities or isolation centers. What are we waiting for?

This indecision isn’t going to prevent the spread of the virus…but it’s certainly an indication of a White House without effective leadership.


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