Trump Campaigning On The Taxpayer’s Buck Two Eighty

Now I understand that an incumbent president running for re-election still gets to use the limo, Air Force One, and the Secret Service while campaigning. That’s fine and as it should be.

But then there’s this: The president performing official business at the CDC in Atlanta and reviewing tornado damage in Tennessee on his way to Mar-a-Lago.

at the CDC in Atlanta on March 6, 2020
surveying tornado damage in Tennessee: March 6, 2020

Now both of these events are official presidential responsibilities. I would expect any/every president to attend to these duties. But what I wouldn’t expect is the president wearing a campaign hat while performing official duties. But there is President Donald Trump in his Keep America Great cap. What, the White House ran out of the official president hats with the Presidential Seal on the front? When he is doing official business I would expect the same decorum as when he’s in the West Wing…but I guess that’s just me.

And one last slap at our indifferent president…you know…the prayerful one…the favorite of the white evangelicals…as he participated in a prayer for the victims of the Tennessee tornadoes:

moment of prayer for tornado victims in Tennessee, March 6, 2020

Just for fun let’s count the people wearing hats in this photo.

By the way in case you aren’t 100% convinced that’s a campaign hat, I know it’s hard to see, but in the prayer photo the back of the president’s hat says Trump 2020.

Can I get an Amen?


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