Well, Warren is officially out…

This is pretty disappointing because Senator Elizabeth Warren was my first choice for president. She is certainly qualified and was the most qualified of the last three left standing.

And although Senator Bernie Sanders supporters have been complaining about a media blackout of their candidate…that feels like bullshit…since I see and hear him everywhere.

If any of the remaining candidates (even before Super Tuesday) had a gripe about being ignored in the mass media, I think Sen. Warren is the most aggrieved.

And you also have to wonder how much misogyny is involved. There has been a fair bit of that blatantly apparent on social media but how much of it is still hiding under the covers? When will the US finally feel secure enough to put a woman in the Oval Office.

Well…now I will have to hold my nose on April 7th.


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2 thoughts on “Well, Warren is officially out…

  1. So Ed…who are you going to vote for? Sanders is ideologically in the same camp as Warren. I can’t decide if Biden is the new George McGovern or John McCain (sans war record).

    1. Sanders is ideologically similar but I don’t think he has the wherewithal to actually accomplish anything. Maybe I should take a cue from Sanders supporters and not show up?

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