A COVID-19 Diagnosis Isn’t A Trigger For Workman’s Comp For Healthcare Providers

Today, the Wisconsin Assembly passed the state’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic and changed the unemployment first week waiting period, made some changes to allow expanded Medicaid support, and made other changes to health insurance coverage related to the pandemic.

All good things!

And they also addressed providing workman’s compensation for those working on the front lines to protect the health and well being of Wisconsinites….well almost:

A last-minute amendment to the bill from Vos (Assembly Speaker Robin Vos) introduced after the floor session began also narrowed workers compensation protections to apply only to firefighters and police officers infected with coronavirus.

Only firefighters and police officers? What about doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, physicians assistants, respiratory staff, cleaning staff, and every other person who will provide care for victims of COVID-19? I am not begrudging the protection for first responders…but everyone involved in providing care at every point in the process needs the same protection. jeez loueez.


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3 thoughts on “A COVID-19 Diagnosis Isn’t A Trigger For Workman’s Comp For Healthcare Providers

  1. Well when state voters blindly let themselves walk into Gerrymandered situations without protest they deserve everything that comes their way.

    44.75% of the vote wins 64% of the seats Rep

    53% of the vote wins 35% of the seats Dem

    1. I understand the suggestion was made to the state legislative minority to demand nonpartisan redistricting as a bargaining chip in the stimulus package that just gave the state GOP majority a $75M slush fund, but would have needed attempting to convince the governor to veto any state stimulus package that didn’t contain the fair maps legislation didn’t happen.

      Giving away the whole store as happened with the Federal CARE #3 (Pelosi/Schumer/Sanders) as your initial starting point going into “negotiations,” with your ideological political rivals appears to be a psychological feature with Democratic party legislators.

      So, begin negotiations telegraphing that you intend to sign the legislation, tell your rivals they can only get most of what they are demanding and then ask for nothing from them for granting them favors is something that might be worth an idea from others as how to attempt to overcome this obvious political Stockholm Syndrome.

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