Anti-Gerrymandering Referenda Pass By Huge Margins

But as we Wisconsinites know, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald give not a fig about public opinion…because of gerrymandering.

Now this fall, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald is running to replace US. Rep. James Sensenbrenner who is retiring. So the Democrats may have an opportunity to replace him in the state Senate or make sure the Republican understands that gerrymandering is a no go issue. (it would be nice to keep him out of Congress but until redistricting that’s probably a no go)

Best case scenario would be the Democrats taking back the legislature or at least filling more seats…and of course ditto for the Senate.

But no matter the outcome, given the feelings around nearly the entire state, a no gerrymandering plank needs to be front and center in every Wisconsin legislative race.

Here are the most recent results from last Tuesday’s referenda.

You can’t ask from for much more resounding numbers than those…


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