Sen. Darling Wants To Kill Your Momma!

Although Assembly Speaker Robin Vos had said that the GOP was working on a lawsuit to prevent Governor Tony Evers from extending the Safer At Home quarantine program intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus in Wisconsin…apparently that wasn’t happening fast enough.

Instead Senator Alberta Darling is moving ahead with plans to take the issue immediately to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Sen. Alberta Darling of River Hills, co-chairwoman of the Legislature’s finance committee, told FOX 6 that legislative Republicans plan to ask the state’s highest court to step in and block Evers’ order extending stay-at-home until May 26. 

“We are going to the Supreme Court,” she said. “We have to get Wisconsin back to work.”

Darling said “people are desperate” and suggested the nearly 400,000 people who have filed for unemployment since March need to return to their jobs quickly.

And apparently we’ll see a protest in Madison a week from today to convince Gov. Evers to change his position. Note to potential attendees: don’t expect to have any more influence than the Act 10 protests. Just sayin’

And one who just can’t seem to let a good ruckus work itself out on its own, Speaker Vos had to throw another two cents in:

“It seems he’s giving more ability of the governor of Illinois and the governor of Michigan to influence his decisions than he is the constitutionally equal branches of government,” Vos said.

“Basically what he does is he sits down with his minions inside his office, reaching out to very few people. They then make a decision and they come and tell us like it’s an edict, like we’re subjects of the king.”

This is pretty rich coming from GOP leadership who did everything possible to pass their lame duck laws in the dead of night to strip powers away from the current governor.

A man who himself is minion to a would be emperor in Washington…


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