The Madison Protest(s), now with free transportation from Waukesha!

Just a little tidbit…some of the advice coming from conservative sources to those intending to participate in today’s protest(s) in Madison (apparently there are three different protests planned).

Re-open Wisconsin Rally Meet at Smiley Barn

The world will be watching & YOU represent Wisconsin….
What kind of people do we want to portray to the world?

This Rally is about one thing:
Re-opening our state so we can have our lives back and so that Wisconsin can thrive. Lift the stay-at-home order so we as people can engage with one another in our parks, our playgrounds, at our workplaces, in our place of worship, in our communities and have a human connection again.

This is a nonpartisan rally.

Whatever part of the political spectrum you fall on, you are welcome as long as you believe in our message and are respectful and tolerant of each other’s differences of opinion. 

We do not endorse ANY form of violence. Violence is a lack of self-control.

The media will be there and will look to do all they can to hurt us and divide us.
Don’t give them what they want.

Being a Wisconsinite, being a FREE human being is what you represent.
We are in no way representing chains and binds or the stars and bars. We are AMERICANS. 

We will have many different speakers giving personal testimony about how their lives have been affected, and speeches on the constitution and what it means to be free.

Please be respectful of these speakers.

There will be the National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance and chants.
We will end with a March around the square to show that “We the People” of Wisconsin can come together for one common goal.

The State capitol ultimately belongs to the people. So, in closing the Rally, please be peaceful, clean up garbage and bring a positive attitude on why we need to open up our state.

Signs like: I am losing my business, my kids are missing their graduation,vI couldn’t grieve with my family, and other personal messages are what the public, Gov. Evers, and DHS need to hear.

You are amongst friends, fellow business owners, farmers, parents, and fellow Wisconsinites.
Join our Re-Open WI group for more info and actions you can take!

-You are responsible for your own health
-Children are welcome
-We are responsible for how we treat the state capitol and each other,
-Please bring water.
-Plan ahead for parking.
-Home-made signs are welcome as long as they are nothing vulgar and you remember to take them home

We will still assemble Rain, Shine, Snow, even if the Facebook Event Page disappears.
Even if the Stay at home order are lifted because we don’t want this to happen again.

-You are responsible for your own health and Children are welcome? And you are responsible for the children’s health then too? Is putting a child at risk a pro-life responsible thing to do? I think not.

They forgot say…wear your masks, stay six feet apart, and wash your hands.

And today’s theme music, cue the Police:


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