Too Soon Governor Evers!

Yesterday. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed an order relaxing some of the safer at home restrictions that will allow some non-essential businesses to open tomorrow, with rules about limited contact and curbside service only. Customers are not allowed to enter the premises.

It was also announced that 34 state parks would re-open on Friday…but with limited hours…one day a week closure for maintenance…while playgrounds, restrooms, and buildings will remain closed.

Considering that the number of cases are continuing to grow and the last five days have seen the largest increases of this pandemic, this is too early.

And we seem to be going against the science and data driven metrics we are supposed to be using. So this is too soon…particularly if you aren’t using metrics and it makes it seem it is being done for convenience…or worse yet because 2,000 people showed up on the square last Friday.

So go crazy and get your dogs groomed! [sarcasm]


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