Trump Was Distracted From Coronavirus By Impeachment

Or so says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday blamed the Democrats’ push to impeach President Trump in January for distracting the Trump administration from the threat posed by the coronavirus.

“It came up while we were tied down in the impeachment trial. And I think it diverted the attention of the government because everything every day was all about impeachment,” McConnell said in an interview on “The Hugh Hewitt Show.”

Well…this is how distracted the president was during the impeachment and the early days of the pandemic’s spread in the United States:

Trump held campaign rallies on Jan 9, Jan 14, Jan 28, Jan 30, Feb 10, Feb 19, Feb 20, Feb 21 & Feb 28

He golfed on Jan 18, Jan 19, Feb 1, Feb 15, Mar 7 & Mar 8

Yeah, the president was certainly distracted all right, but not by anything related to his job as president.

And as to whether Sen. McConnell himself has a full grasp on the reality of our situation…I’d say, apparently not:

McConnell told Hewitt that he has not heard any new reports about senators being diagnosed with coronavirus.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) missed a vote on the $2 trillion economic relief package after being diagnosed with COVID-19, and four other Republican senators placed themselves in quarantine last week out of caution for potential exposure.

emphasis mine

Americans are dying and the Republicans are still playing games.


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8 thoughts on “Trump Was Distracted From Coronavirus By Impeachment

  1. For Trump, or anyone in his orbit, to now claim that impeachment was an impediment to his dealing with the virus should be reminded that Trump made a big show of saying the trial wasn’t preventing him from doing work as president. To prove his point he even made it known, in the midst of the congressional proceedings, he was having a meeting concerning the virus. Was Trump lying then? Or now?

    It also should be stated that there was never a chance in hell Trump was going to be found guilty in the GOP-controlled Senate, so for the White House spinners to try and propel an idea of constant attention being required in the last phase of the process is absurd.

  2. trump can be distracted by any object that shines. If your distracted by a “hoax” nothing more needs to be said.

  3. Good Morning Ed,

    Saw your comment to my prior post, but you, like every block-headed Democrat utterly incapable of party self-reflection and being honest about how we got Trump in the first place, Obama and Hillary and Pelosi etc., is back here with another version of the two-party scam supporting one faction of the elite (the DNC) against the other faction of the elite (the GOP). To paraphrase the movie script, “you can’t stand the TRUTH.

    The main concern we as Wisconsinites need to be upset about today is that Evers has not called off the election and rescheduled it 6 weeks from now under the real need of protecting public health. Trump is killing people has to apply to Evers also. Evers gets a pass on the same issue and the same emergency?

    No courage from the state Democrats, no courage from Evers. Not a word but threats from the state GOP. Call their bluff Tony should be what you are posting about instead of Trump today.

    So let Vos and Fitzgerald and Esenberg and WILL and whomever bitch and moan that Evers attempted to re-schedule the elections to SAVE LIVES and NOT behave like Donald Trump. Exactly the issue you were crying about to me when you were replying to my prior post.

    1. I’d love it if the April 7th election was moved (but is 6 weeks sufficient? that would probably enable a mail ballot for all). If I don’t get my absentee ballot in time to return it, I won’t be able to vote. As I said earlier I haven’t gotten it despite being told it was mailed 3/22.

      At this point my only major concern is the State Supreme Court race.

      Now, you’ve obviously put some thought into this. Does the governor have the authority to move an election? Or did the Republicans put all of that authority in their reconstituted election commission?

      And since there are more elections than just the primary, are there constitutional issues?

      And as you and other writers have stated the GOP in Madison has no interest in moving the elections either. Do they need to weigh in before anything can be moved?

      I haven’t had time to look into these questions.

      1. Gov Evers can issue a new, superseding Emergency Order through Health Sec-designee Palm that bans public-planned, state-sanctioned gatherings that would preclude holding in-person voting on Election Day, as empowered by the Heath Emergency of March 12.

        Evers is close to banning such polling place gatherings as will be head on Election Day, in Palm’s subsequent March 17 Emergency Order 5 – Prohibiting Mass Gatherings of Ten People or More.

        Wisconsin is in a public health state of emergency, per Executive Order 72, Relating to Declaring a Health Emergency in Response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus​ ​— ​March 12, 2020.

        But Evers has been reluctant to buck the Democratic National Committee in a year that sees Wisconsin hosting the Democratic National Convention in July.

        I think Judge Conley in the fed West Dist cases will rule to expand absentee voting.

        But it is Tony Evers’ craven, conniving action as the governor that should be remembered, along with the predictable work of the Republipukes.

        Would a new emer order put Evers in conflict with statutes that empower Election Day, April 7 this year?

        Of course. Most of his, Sec Palm’s, orders conflict with some statute or Constitutional liberty. Vis, freedom of assembly v Emergency Order 5, for example.

        So, for Evers to say, ‘oh, I want to postpone, but I just can’t break the law’ is a dishonest and calculated line of crap.

        “We have three branches of government to ensure a system of checks and balances, and questions about our elections typically rely on all three playing a role. If I could have changed the election on my own I would have, but I can’t without violating state law,” Evers tweeted.

        This reckless gamble with lives and health are what happens when good people become passively compliant and embrace group-think.

        You too.


        1. Thanks for the info! Much appreciated.

          Well now that the DNC is moving the convention, maybe the governor can find his way to move the Wisconsin election.

        2. Evers will be trashed by the vacationing and doing nothing state GOP for holding the election on April 7 and risking more lives if he doesn’t delay the election and he will be trashed for seeking a delay.

          It is a no win for Evers with the political optics, but the choice comes down to being trashed for risking lives and public health, or by being trashed for attempting to protect public health and safety.

          It’s an easy choice going with the later option and for putting people’s health and welfare and public safety first.

          But, either choice for Evers leaves the useless GOP in the dog house where they’ve preferred to be, sniffing and licking each other with relish, for offering NO help, NO ideas, and NO cooperation for anything to address the pandemic, either on public health, or any pressing social or economic needs.


    Sorry everyone, I misspoke when I said that the State GOP had NO ideas in the face of our present pandemic. I had overlooked until this morning the idea that my State Senator Andre “the Hutt,” Jacque pushed forward to his fellow “Hounds of Healthcare Denial,” to demand that healthcare for low income women in WI be further diminished by demanding that Planned Parenthood facilities be shuttered. Andre must think that he will forever have publicly paid for health insurance for his own five daughters forever. Unconscionable! Look at the list of these legislative losers and their support for what essentially amounts to crimes against humanity, especially under this crisis health care situation we are in the midst of dealing with.

    Remember their names, share their names and contact them. Remember the state GOP majority legislators who have thusfar failed to counter this unmitigated class warfare against low-income women and a whole new set of working women facing the reality that 30M US citizens are predicted to be unemployed and in need of services as they’ll potentially be losing company health care coverage due to lay-offs.

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