Virtual Legislating: Then And Now

Remember 2019? Remember Wisconsin State Representative Jimmy Anderson? The representative in a wheelchair who asked the leadership in the legislature for accommodations to attend meetings remotely because he needed to go home periodically to get out of his chair? And Assembly Speaker Robin Vos initially said no and accused Rep. Anderson of trying to sabotage his leadership? And wouldn’t initially change Assembly rules? And said it was too expensive? Remember 2019?

Well, just to jog your memory, Rep. Jimmy Anderson is a Democrat and Speaker Robin Vos is not. But eventually Rep. Anderson gained permission to call into meetings.

And the Speaker Vos who ‘helped’ out at a polling location in his district in full personal protection ensemble saying it was safe to vote…yeah that guy.

Well thankfully the assembly is taking the COVID-19 pandemic a little more seriously this week…and although some members attended today’s session in person…and socially distanced…the assembly meeting was a virtual meeting.

I am glad they did that. They should have kept ALL of the legislators away and only had essential staff on site…but I guess that’s just me.

But it shouldn’t have taken a pandemic to figure out how to allow legislators to participate in a virtual process when there are legitimate reasons to provide virtual accommodations. It’s the 21st Century…it just isn’t that hard anymore…except when partisan blinders get in the way.


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  1. plus the “fiscally responsible” gop can help the state by staying home and not collecting their per diem. Maybe.

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