Why All Of These County Elections?

Looking at the nomination papers that I have gotten in the mail, I wonder why we have more county offices on the ballot? I mean, we just voted for a bunch (including county executive and county supervisors) at the April 7th election. What is the rationale for having more of them now?

Well, actually I am totally in favor of eliminating spring elections for state and local offices…so what I would really like to see is the county executive and county supervisor races moved to the fall cycle.

But does anyone know why these races are split up? Is it so if a supervisor candidate loses in spring they can run for clerk in the fall? I imagine I am being too conspiratorial here! LOL!


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2 thoughts on “Why All Of These County Elections?

  1. The Constitutional offices are nominally partisan while Board and Council are specifically non partisan

    Not always the way it plays but the way it’s drawn

    1. thanks…but it seems like a lot of time and money wasted…to say nothing of bigger turnout in the fall…particularly during presidential races.

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