Wisconsin Supreme Court Overrides Evers Election Decree

The Republican leadership in Madison appealed Governor Evers postponement of Wisconsin’s April 7th Presidential Primary and Spring General Election to the state Supreme Court. And of course the conservative leaning court overruled the governor.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court Monday evening overruled a decision by the state’s governor to postpone their primary election from this week to June, putting the Tuesday election back on just hours after the the governor had tried to push it back.

…the state’s highest court overruled that decision in a 4-2 vote, with the vote breaking down along partisan lines, with Republican judges in the majority. Wisconsin is one of 22 states in the country where judges are elected by popular vote, rather than appointed.

And Justice Dan Kelly kept his word and didn’t participate since he is on the ballot tomorrow. Otherwise the vote would have been 5 – 2.

local coverage here.

“I am so frustrated with our entire state leadership right now I can barely stand it,” Carey Danen, De Pere’s city clerk, said before the court ruling. “They don’t realize the stress they’ve put us under with all of this back and forth.”

Where is a weatherman when you need one?


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13 thoughts on “Wisconsin Supreme Court Overrides Evers Election Decree

  1. this is an outrage. If kelly loses I wonder how vthe gop will spin the election. Are the people of Wis worth more than 30 sec. on the state senate floor? 180 polling plces down to 5? where is the supreme court on this?

  2. The covid-19 is disproportionately taking the lives of poorer African Americans in Wisconsin

    Where is absent Joe?
    Where is absent minded Joe

    Surely Wisconsin deserves better

      1. My wife is from Brookfield I’m from Fittstown Oaklahoma born and bred, I’m in Ireland doing a listed property restoration, well we were until lockdown, still sneak a few hours a night when nobody else around.

        Now anything else you need to know

        1. thanks for reading our efforts and commenting. I am sorry that I doubted you but we are getting a lot of weird stuff lately and I imagine it will only get worse as we get closer to the November election.

          1. No problems Ed I fully understand that you’re protecting the integrity of the pages.
            Just so angry when I watch how they handled it over here in comparison to my own home.

            I have been blown away over here by how people can walk into a hospital here (here is an example from a co worker) with their kid have them triaged then seen by a doctor then a specialist if the doctor is unsure while nurses and 3rd year training nurses look in on them and several junior doctors also look in. Her kid was released after the observation and sent home with medication. I eye swelled that night and she was brought in the next morning checked for covid symptoms and allergies. then brought to a doctor,then the specialist then theconsultant came. taken for a CT scan again a consultant viewed the results and a panel of doctors decided to operate that evening, ENT was brought in more doctors more specialists and more consultants from that department. Then the anesthetist consulted with them. Brought into surgery and then on a hospital ward for 4 days checked every day by teams of doctors and consultants specializing in pediatrics. Teachers came round to do school work with them for their stay and their meals taken from a menu. Also there was a bedroom id required and shower room for parents if they stayed overnight etc.

            Total cost …. Wait for it … NOTHING! not a washer not a dime completely and utterly free.
            And if the next day something goes wrong with your other kid or you or your wife/husband no worries its an all you can eat service

            Why can we not do this? Why

    1. Never Fear, Joe is near-by and going to save us all by winning friends and influencing people to his point of view. Oh wait, what’s Joe’s point again?



      The commentator may be a US citizen speaking to a pending national election for POTUS and connection to WI is irrelavent.

      1. the comment was posted from somewhere in the UK. I almost didn’t approve it because of that.

        1. I know several “ex-pats,” living from the UK to Portugal to Africa, US citizens and property owners/taxpayers, but thanks for hanging in there on all the fast-paced info coming through.

          Trying to figure out where best to put my progressive-populist efforts to bypass all (both) party leadership structural failures to further best outcomes for all of us.

  3. Kelly recusing himself reminds me of Romney’s dissenting vote in the sham impeachment trial. Wonder if either would have broken ranks had the outcome been less certain?

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