Chris Walton Running For Assembly To Replace David Crowley

From this morning’s email, Chris Walton, Chair of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County, announced that his is running to replace newly elected Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley in the State Assembly’s District 17!

photo courtesy of Walton for Wisconsin


I’m excited to let you know that I am exploring a run for the Wisconsin State Assembly seat in District 17. 

I am a true native son of Milwaukee, I grew up having a deep passion and interest in politics. I’ve worked on political campaigns, on all levels including for President Barack Obama to Milwaukee Alderwoman Chantia Lewis. And I’ve worked on the governing side with roles on behalf of the Governor of the State of Wisconsin, the Milwaukee District Attorney’s office, and the Milwaukee Mayor’s office.

I am currently the only African-American County Democratic Party Chair in Wisconsin, I was the youngest Chair in Milwaukee County history, and the first African-American male to be Chair since the 1980’s.

Exploring a run for the Wisconsin State Assembly seat in District 17 would be fulfilling goals of being in service to the public. Though I am simply exploring a run at this moment in time, because our community is largely underrepresented in our halls of power, I know we need strong leadership. David Crowley, our new County Executive, ably represented this district for the last few terms, and I am ready to step up in his stead.

Here’s the thing: if I am to officially embark on a campaign for the Wisconsin State Assembly in District 17, I’ll need to collect at least 200 signatures from folks in the district by June 1st to appear on the ballot.

This deadline is quickly approaching. Can you help me circulate my nomination papers to help me get on the ballot? 

Everything you need to know about the nomination paper process is listed in the instructions here, and the nomination paper form you can print and fill out is here.  

If you live within Wisconsin Assembly District 17 and are eligible to register and vote, please consider printing and signing the nomination paper form and sending it back to us at: 

Walton for Wisconsin

5027 W North Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53208

If you are not sure what assembly district you are in, you can use to find out for sure. 

I cannot do this without you. 

Please respond to this email, contact us at, or give our campaign staff a call at (414) 436-5094 if you have any questions or concerns about this process.

Thank you for your support.

Chris Walton

Good Luck Chris!


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1 thought on “Chris Walton Running For Assembly To Replace David Crowley

  1. When Betsy Devoss (Trump’s Secretary of Education) came to Milwaukee to promote using public funds for religious schools, Chris Walton was there to protest.

    As a supporter of Public Schools, Chris Walton is deserving of our consideration and support.

    You can be sure that big money from Devoss (Amway billions), the local Bradley Foundation, Wisconsin Institute for Law and Justice, WMC-Tim Sheehy, etc., will be in unison proping up their “school-choice” candidate.

    On a related note, WMC which spent a million dollars to support Kelly in the recent election is seeking taxpayer bailout money (part of Covid-19 recovery stimulus). They need to refill their coffers with taxpayer money.

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