County Supervisor John Weishan Announces Run for Register of Deeds

Well, I will admit that this one took me by surprise…but on the other hand I guess I should be surprised that he’s stuck with the supervisor gig so long without apparent interest in advancing his political career.

He said he is running for the office because after 20 years working in county government he has gotten to know the office quite well, and he believes it serves an important role in an issue he cares about: voters rights.

Weishan has been behind an effort to establish a non-partisan gerrymandering review board, and most recently backed legislation that allowed county employees to get time off to work at polling places.

The county office is the custodian of documents like birth certificates, death notices, corporate papers and financial documents. In the era of Voter ID, Weishan said, the safeguarding of these documents is “vitally important to the safeguarding of our democracy.”

and a bit of his background:

As a county supervisor, Weishan has been a notable supporter of the parks and transit systems. He has strong ties to the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998. During last year’s contract negotiations between the union and the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS), as chair of the county board’s Transportation, Public Works and Transit committee, he called representatives from MCTS and the union to provide monthly updates on negotiations, thus giving the union a public platform to blast management for their contract offers.

So now I have mixed feelings about this race. We have two qualified candidates…and I guess that’s a good thing. But this one will be interesting to watch.


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