Cudahy Alderman Justin Moralez cited for assaulting Cudahy mayor

This is why the City of Cudahy has such a poor reputation…

A Cudahy alderman received a disorderly conduct citation — accused of assaulting the mayor, and the bad blood is tied to an outbreak of COVID-19 at the Patrick Cudahy meat processing plant.

“It needed to be done, and I take responsibility for that,” said Justin Moralez, 1st District alderman.

Moralez isn’t backing down after a confrontation with Mayor Tom Pavlic got physical.

“I was the one that sought him out,” said Moralez.

The Fox6 report went on to note Ald. Moralez attributed his behavior to the behavior of Cudahy Mayor Tom Pavlic, who Moralez alleged “swiped” him, knocking his glasses off and scratching Moralez.

However, it’s worth noting Ald. Moralez’s alleged assaultive behavior may not be an isolated incident but rather part of a pattern of behavior. In 2016 a harassment restraining order was granted against Ald. Moralez prohibiting him from engaging in contact that harasses or intimidates the petitioner.

This entire situation is a black eye on the City of Cudahy, and it’s yet another example of the community’s race to the bottom when it comes to the “quality” of the people its citizens have elected to hold office.


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