Nomination Papers for Fall Elections

We mentioned this a few weeks ago, but nomination papers for the fall general elections need to be turned in June 1st. And as we reported in this Age of Contagion, candidates are having an issue collecting signatures. The usual spring venues of festivals, parades and other events have all been canceled. And door to door isn’t practical either…few of us are going to welcome strangers coming to our doors right now.

So if you have a favored candidate, visit their website or Facebook page to see how you can help get them enough signatures to get on the ballot.

Two things to keep in mind: you can only sign nomination papers for the candidates running in the districts that you live in. And remember that you can only sign for one candidate in a given office!

But don’t dawdle. Although the deadline for the candidate is June 1st, if you need time to mail them you need to get them to the candidate before that.

P.S. the primary for the fall general election is August 11, 2020.


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