The Internal GOP Struggle Around Mail In Voting!

After the president recently said that we couldn’t allow mail in voting if we ever wanted to elect a Republican president again…he’s apparently going all in to prevent mail in voting.

Trump met with his political aides on Thursday at the White House about the legal efforts, a source familiar with the meeting said. The meeting came as the Republican National Committee has upped their initial spending of $10 million to $20 million to fight legal battles across the country on vote-by-mail.

Republicans are involved in legal battles in 13 states across the country.

and of course the president’s side glance is that vote by mail increases the incidence of voter fraud which apparently only is an advantage to Democrats. Well, not so fast:

Experts say there is no evidence that mail-in voting benefits one party over the other. And while Trump has claimed that mail-in voting will result in massive fraud, experts say voter fraud involving mail-in voting is still rare. A majority of Americans favor changing election laws to allow everyone to vote by mail, according to an April NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, but Republicans are far less likely than Democrats to agree.

Meanwhile in Milwaukee, the GOP may not be embracing vote by mail, but they are getting ready for it as if it were fact.

Tuesday, May 12th, 7 pm to 8 pm  Central Time 

Topic:  Campaign in a Crisis Series:  Absentee Ballot / Vote by Mail Program

Matt Bazel, National Political Director & Jennifer DeJournett, Executive Director of Minnesota

How to run an absentee ballot/vote by mail program and incorporate it into your campaign strategy

A campaign has to be prepared for anything. An entire campaign comes down to the final stretch.

Learn how targeting voters, canvassing, phone-banking, targeted door-knocking, and effective campaign data management all contribute to a successful Mail-in / Absentee Ballot and GOTV (get-out-the-vote) programs.

This training will also include a case study of what we learned from Wisconsin in 2020 and how you can take those lessons and apply it to your next campaign or advocacy effort.

emphasis mine

Hey…look…Wisconsin is in the vanguard once again.

So don’t take the president’s annoyance at face value and get all complacent out there. The GOP is planning for every voting contingency, come COVID-19 or High Water.


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