The Next Step After Michigan Protests

Michigan lawmaker enters State Capitol flanked by rifle-toting black men just days after hundreds of white, armed protesters opposed the lockdown.

Three black men brandishing rifles escorted a Michigan lawmaker to the State Capitol in Lansing on Wednesday, just days after hundreds of angry and armed white protestors stormed the building to protest the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

Rep. Sarah Anthony told City Pulse that she didn’t ask for help, but was glad to have extra protection so she could attend an appropriations committee meeting without fear of being threatened. 

“We were all just appalled by the lack of support and lack of security that I had, that other legislators had, and the fact that a lot of the demonstrators last week were adorning many racist, anti-Semitic signage,” Anthony told the local news outlet. “I think it just triggered a lot of folks, especially African Americans.”

…Anthony said to City Pulse. “I’m still not exactly sure on the connection between confederate flags and Nazi symbolism. They just had no connection to the stay-at-home orders. The fact they were carrying guns openly while we voted was unnerving.”

Hopefully this won’t escalate any further but it is ridiculous that an elected official feels threatened and that other citizens feel the need to protect her.

And as we’ve written on these pages previously, confederate flags and semi-automatic weapons do not make any sense at these protests.


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