These Gentlemen Owe YOU $25,000,000 Because They Diddled Around

As Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald continue to do their best Mitch McConnell impersonations and obstruct everything Governor Tony Evers…they diddled around too long and lost out on $25 million in federal coronavirus unemployment funds.

There is absolutely no way that these two two gentlemen actually have the best interests of the State of Wisconsin at heart…none whatsoever. There is no way that Speaker Vos should be re-elected this fall nor that Sen. Fitzgerald gets the US House seat that he seeks. They just aren’t civic minded elected officials.

Wisconsin lost out on $25 million in federal funding to help pay for unemployment benefits during the coronavirus pandemic because Republicans who control the Legislature didn’t act quickly enough, according to the state’s workforce agency.

The missed funding comes as the state Department of Workforce Development released projections showing the state fund that will cover that $25 million and billions more in unemployment payments could be depleted as early as October.   

All along, Wisconsin lawmakers and Gov. Tony Evers agreed the state’s one-week waiting period should be suspended — a rare consensus made soon after Evers declared a public health emergency in early March when the virus began to spread in Wisconsin.

Evers proposed a $700 million package to GOP legislative leaders on March 21, which included suspension of the one-week waiting period.

But GOP legislative leaders didn’t schedule floor sessions to pass the legislation until the week of April 13, two weeks after the federal CARES Act was passed.


Department of Labor officials told state officials the state’s agreement with the department did not take effect until the waiting period was repealed and the state workforce department was paying benefits, he said.

Of course losing out on $25 million in federal funds isn’t that big a deal to Speaker Vos and Senator Fitzgerald. They’ve been ignoring Medicaid funds that have been available for years under the Affordable Care Act…reportedly millions of dollars more than this one. sigh…maybe they won’t care until they are unemployed?


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  1. The voters should have leaflets clearly stating that shoved through all their letterboxes

  2. Fitzgerald what a loser too bad he’s gone with the rest of them this November he’s a piece of s***

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