This Disease Is Terrifying:

From a doctor at the Milwaukee VA Hospital after releasing their first COVID-19 patient who was hospitalized there for 50 days.

This disease is terrifying,” Nickoloff said.

Dr. Sarah Nickoloff was one of the many who treated McCray (Army veteran Arvin McCray).

“We did not expect him to make it through that first night,” said Nickoloff, a 2008 Medical College of Wisconsin graduate.

emphasis mine

Why do we keep hearing phrases like ‘this disease is terrifying’ or ‘we’ve never seen anything like this’ from healthcare professionals yet 20% of the population don’t believe them? This isn’t a game…this is life and death. Not the death of a business (which I acknowledge is going to be devastatingly common this year)…but this is death…of me or you or your grandfather or your spouse.

And it isn’t just for old people anymore…there apparently are different issues for different age groups from strokes for 30 somethings and issues with clotting and swelling in extremities for 20 somethings and now other issues for children.

Stay safe…wear your mask…socially distance…be aware.


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