A Message From Joe Biden on the 2020 ELECTIONS!

I ignored the original email yesterday because I had other things on my mind…but Tom Perez reminded me in this morning’s email. Joe Biden as the nominee for president from the Democratic Party knows that we need more than just a D in the White House in 2021. Here are highlights from his original email:

We must vote Donald Trump out of the White House. I know you know this.

But if we’re to begin to achieve the transformative change that is required to move our country forward, we need to do much, much more than win just the presidency: Democrats need to aim to win every seat. From the House and Senate to state legislatures, governorships, and local elections, the change we all seek can’t happen unless Democrats can invest and win at every level nationwide.

Today, I’m proudly partnering with the DNC to officially launch the Every Seat Fund. The Every Seat Fund is our party’s commitment to fighting to win important offices not just at the top of the ticket, but at every level and in every single ZIP code. This fight will be a massive undertaking, but it’s a fight we must win for ourselves and for future generations. Truth be told, it can’t come close to happening without you on board, which is why I’m coming to you today with a sincere request:

Will you split a $10 contribution between the Every Seat Fund and my campaign? I’m urging you to stay focused on winning not just the Oval Office this November, but organizing for every seat in every community nationwide.

I’ve been saying for a long time that this race is about a whole lot more than just me. It’s about restoring the soul of our nation and about making it clear that we need our government to work for us, rather than against us. We have the power to cement the values of equality, justice, and compassion into the very foundation of our democracy — but only if we work at it together.

My first job in elected office was as a member of my local county council in Delaware, so I know firsthand what a monumental difference state and local leadership makes in working people’s daily lives. The DNC’s Every Seat Fund is designed to give candidates up and down the ballot the critical data, organizing, and voter protection resources they’ll need, and the DNC is the only party committee responsible for electing Democrats at every level nationwide. Time is running out, so we must come together to support the fund today.

Organizing starts in our communities. Thank you for stepping up.

Keep the faith,


Joe Biden

P.S. The DNC’s Every Seat Fund is going to be key to scaling and executing the strategies and programs Democrats have been building together for the last three years. If every person on this grassroots team donated today, our party would be able to fund this work in an instant. But I know that’s not feasible for many of us right now — and that’s completely okay.


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