Austria Has 90% Drop in Coronavirus Cases After Requiring People to Wear Face Masks

The number of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases in Austria dropped from 90 to 10 cases per one million people, two weeks after the government required everyone to wear a face mask on April 6. 

Daily Mail said, “63 Czechs per 100,000 has been infected and less than two per 100,000 have died from the virus.” It’s lower in Slovakia, “21 per 100,000 people have caught it and just 0.2 per 100,000 have succumbed to the illness.”

Meanwhile, Asian countries that enforced wearing face masks reported fewer cases.

Just think, an entire Asian nation (Japan at just under 19,000 to date) has just over twice as many cases (to date) that Florida had in just one day…yesterday (8,942).

And it looks like the European Union is going to ban travelers from the US when they reopen their borders…because we are a hot spot. Welcome to living in a third world country.

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