And Then There Was Scott Spiker

Yesterday I published Milwaukee Common Council Statement: MPD Misconduct? which contained the complete joint resolution from the Milwaukee Common Council about an officer involved incident in Milwaukee around the police brutality protests.

I didn’t do a head count on the number of alderpersons signing on to the resolution. It was only fourteen of the total complement of fifteen. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the outlier who didn’t sign was Alderman Scott Spiker.

Milwaukee police announced they were examining the force used by two officers as they arrested a 28-year-old Milwaukee man lying on his stomach during the tense standoff at the downtown intersection.

Common Council members said in a letter signed by everyone except Ald. Scott Spiker that they “find the officer’s conduct unacceptable” and that the hold should not be used by law enforcement under any circumstances.

“We also ask that the officer involved in the incident be removed from crowd control duty for the remainder of the protests and unrest.”

The article didn’t include any comment or quote from Ald. Spiker on why he hadn’t co-signed the statement. As I write this I don’t see anything else from Ald. Spiker on JSOnline. And I don’t see any statement on his official city website. Nor his Facebook page although he encouraged people to log into today’s special Public Safety and Health Committee (which I unfortunately missed). And a Google search didn’t bring up anything else relative to this.

But at some point, I would like to hear the alderman’s reasoning for not co-signing the resolution.


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