Business Owners Ask For City Rules On Masks

This is a rather interesting turn of events. Milwaukee businesses and their affiliated business groups are asking the City of Milwaukee to institute mask laws.

But why are they waiting for the city to make rules? I mean, they can make their own rules in their businesses if that’s what they think is the right thing to do. So why don’t they? Because they don’t want to take the heat for making the decision. They don’t want to see their business or employees in live streams arguing with consumers who refuse to wear the mask. AND of course they don’t want to put themselves at a disadvantage to other businesses who don’t require face masks. So, we want it, but it would be better for all if the city enacted an ordinance.

So we’ll see if that happens, but given the current environment of increased positive cases in the city, state, and nation…it would be an appropriate step to take.

Dozens of business owners and operators in Milwaukee are calling on city leadership to issue a mask mandate.

In two separate letters submitted to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Milwaukee City Council President Cavalier Johnson, the business owners asked for an order requiring masks in all public spaces. That would include stores, theaters, museums, restaurants and bars.

“Without a city mandate, many customers will not be willing to come to our businesses,” they wrote. “Compliance with requirements a business may establish will be inconsistent at best. Our employees can’t be assured of a safe work environment. And the risk is much higher for new outbreaks, which could result in new stay-at-home orders that put us out of business for good.”

Of course, you all know that I am in favor of the city taking this step.


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