White Privilege and Domestic Terrorism

Like many other cities protests are continuing in St. Louis MO. Protesters headed to the home of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson (D) where they demanded that she resign.

As far as I’ve seen reported, these protests were peaceful beyond the typical chanting and drumming. The mayor put herself into a bit of a box when she apparently doxed some protesters earlier this week. Not a good look for a big city mayor.

But along the way, the protesters passed the house of these two fine citizens (sarcasm…).

sorry for the focus..screen grabs from videos

Do people have rights to defend their homes? Yes. Is this a rational and responsible means to do so? No. I would classify this as domestic terrorism. There is no sense of self defense here…nobody is being threatened…the protest was on the public sidewalk and retreated to the street to avoid this couple.

They actually pointed their guns at fellow human beings. Whether they actually intended to use them is unknown…but they made the impression that they would. So again, to me: domestic terrorism. And so far they have apparently gotten away with it…which also speaks to white privilege in all of its glory.

Meghan McCain weighed in on Twitter, with a Tweet that has since been taken down:

Supporting this ‘gun couple’ is not a good look for Ms. McCain either, which is probably why this Tweet was deleted. And I think her white privilege was showing here too.

So exactly when do the authorities realize that white privilege is illegal and unforgiving…and that it easily devolves into domestic terrorism?


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3 thoughts on “White Privilege and Domestic Terrorism

  1. well; we do have trump tweeting out a video of some fool on a golf course yelling “white power.” stuff like that just gives people a sense that they can go wacko with their guns. what if it went off by accident? what then?

  2. As an enthusiastic supporter of gun owner rights, I wholeheartedly condemn the behavior shown here for one simple reason: A responsible gun owner NEVER points their firearm at anything they do not want to fire at. Whether your finger is inside the trigger guard or not, you just don’t do it. Seeing a novice or untrained owner ‘sweep’ someone with their firearm, whether intentionally or not, makes responsible gun owners cringe.

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