Don’t Worry, Young Healthy Adults Don’t Get The Virus

except when they do and they do in fact often get sick: Take Coronavirus More Seriously, Say Olympic Rowers Who Got It

The women on the United States national rowing team think that young, healthy people need to take the coronavirus more seriously.

More than one-third of the team was infected with Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, in March and April, during the initial swell of the virus in New Jersey, according to Dr. Peter Wenger, the team doctor for its training center in Princeton, N.J.

At least 12 women had the virus, he said, based on various test results of athletes and observations he had made of rowers who were not tested but showed symptoms of infection. During that first wave of infections, testing wasn’t yet widely available.

“The narrative that has been going around in some places is that you won’t get the virus if you’re young and strong, or if you get it, it won’t be bad, but we’re perfect examples of how that is totally not true,” Regan (Emily Regan, an Olympic gold medalist from Williamsville, N.Y.) said. She added: “Look what the virus still did to us. It knocked us down pretty hard.”

The rowers infected ranged in age from 23 to 37, Regan said, and many battled symptoms for weeks. The cases were categorized as mild, though some athletes dealt with complications for as many as 40 days, according to Wenger (Dr. Peter Wenger, the team doctor). None of the rowers required hospitalization, he said.

There is nothing normal about this coronavirus…and some of the stories and assumptions seem to be falling by the wayside as we learn more about its affects the human body.

So, don’t assume that because you are young, you are safe. Nobody is safe.


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    1. so we should only be concerned about how many people die? and only about people living in Wisconsin?

      1. You can worry about anybody or anything you like, just keep in mind the Trolley Problem if your worry inflicts government action upon others. Still, it’s funny if you’re worrying about the Wisconsin children whose lives have been snatched by the ‘rona. This by definition would be concern for nobody.

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