Home Schooling Good vs. Home Schooling Bad!

It seems to me we are seeing a stark dichotomy here around home schooling. I am not weighing in on whether schools should re-open or not. I am going to defer to the local school officials and parents…they need to determine what is safe and when it is safe based on local metrics.

But I do believe that they shouldn’t be cowed by the president who wants schools open so that he looks good. And I think he should be condemned for threatening the loss of federal education funds to those schools who make a decision that is counter to his wishes.

But here’s the point.

For quite a few years now…home schooling has been touted as the best way for parents to instill in their children: their personal beliefs and biases without outside interference. No one at these times cared to make a case about the lack of socialization for these children. Of course home schooling is most often espoused by religious and conservative groups and the GOP has often derided public education as a means for the left to indoctrinate children (btw: if that was true there wouldn’t be a GOP now…just sayin’).

BUT NOW…oh my goodness…children must all return to school because if they don’t, they will be missing their friends, they will be missing out on the socialization benefits accrued in attending schools, etc.

So before the pandemic…Home Schooling: Good! During the pandemic when the Trump Regime has failed to protect Americans from a dread disease (while other nations have been successful in just such efforts) Home Schooling: Bad!


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