MKE County Executive Is Late To The Party (again?)

After the City of Milwaukee took a week to enact their citywide face mask mandate, someone woke up Milwaukee Executive David Crowley. So, today, he is in favor of a countywide policy but…whoops…the county doesn’t have the authority. But if Exec. Crowley thought this was a good idea before, why didn’t he put together a task force or a countywide mayors meeting and try to get it done? So far it seems his best move is to be late to the party:

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley called on all municipalities in the county to band together in creating a universal masking policy.

“I’m going to say something that nobody wants to hear, but we are clearly nowhere near done fighting this virus,” Crowley said during a press briefing Tuesday.

Because Milwaukee County does not have a health department, he said, the county does not have the authority to implement a county-wide mask mandate.

I didn’t endorse Exec. Crowley in the recent county executive race, but was looking forward to what this young and energetic Milwaukeean would bring to county government. And is he leading here? Well not really:

Crowley didn’t lay out details of what he would like to see in a county-wide mandate.


The county has had 14,478 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 360 deaths resulting from the virus, officials said.

So far, I am not confident that the post-Abele Milwaukee County is going to be any improvement.


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