Ron Johnson: How Does It Feel?

How does it feel, to be on your own…

We’ve posted twice about Senator Ron Johnson’s (R – WI) recent initiative to make Juneteenth Day a national holiday and then his rather rapid reversal. We applauded him for his initiative and mumbled under our breath that following day.

But it looks like his supposed allies took umbrage with his original policy and it made Sen. Johnson feel all alone.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized Johnson in a July 1 segment about how city governments and protesters have been removing statues of Christopher Columbus as part of the “outbreak” and “pandemic” of what he called “hysteria.”

“Today (Johnson and Lankford [Sen. James Lankford (R OK)] ) introduced legislation to abolish Columbus Day. They want to delete it from the national calendar and replace it with Juneteenth,” Carlson said. Johnson’s initial amendment did not call for ‘abolishing’ Columbus Day.

Carlson later claimed that Johnson and Lankford were “hoping to quietly eliminate Columbus Day and then to move on to the next item on the rioters’ list of demands” without their right-wing constituents noticing.

Well, that wasn’t quite the response that Sen. Johnson was expecting after including Mr. Carlson in his press release mail list. And actually seemed quite surprised!

I think there’s just a misunderstanding and mischaracterization in how this whole thing was reported, like it was my idea to make Juneteenth a federal holiday — it wasn’t. … I was being told that (the senators cosponsoring the bill) were going to try and pass that by unanimous consent, meaning no discussion, no debate, not even a vote,” he said.

Johnson said he doesn’t object to celebrating emancipation.

emphasis mine

I don’t know, there might be some misunderstanding and mischaracterization coming out of Fox News? The good senator is just noticing this? Seems like their entire modus operandi. Yes?

Take a note here Senator Johnson…Fox News is not your friend…when they can see a tantalizing conspiracy story that they sell to their clientele.


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