3 thoughts on “So, who is your favorite for Biden’s running mate?

  1. Susan Rice is the person I am strongly supporting for the Democratic vice-presidential nomination. Her writings and perspectives on international relations underscore her intellectual and reasoned views on world affairs. Her poised and commanding demeanor, ability to communicate effectively, translate complex world affairs into concepts average voters can grasp, along with being just a genuine person places her at the top of my list. If you think I adore her abilities, you would be correct.

    I was very pleased in 2009 that not only did President Obama again elevate the office of United Nations Ambassador to cabinet-level status but then named Rice, a Rhodes Scholar and the foreign policy advisor to his campaign, as the new UN Ambassador. While she has the measured diplomacy needed for the public stage, she also demonstrated during the Obama years to have blunt appraisals of situations when it matters for policy discussions.

    Dr. Rice will always have my genuine appreciation for knowing and saying what was required regarding Darfur. (A topic that this blog has been vocal about.) I had hoped, like many others, that Rice’s views would prevail, and policy with teeth would result. She correctly called the actions in Darfur “genocide” and was ready to invest the full weight of American policy into this nation. History will long judge her perspective to have been a correct and moral one.

    Democratic presidential nominee-to-be Joe Biden is steeped in international relations and resolved to make alliances stronger. A strong-willed and intellectual asset such as Rice, who knows the necessity of international commitments being constructed with unity, is just one of many reasons she would be great in the role of vice-president. There is a tremendous need for American internationalists to arrive on the world stage, a place that has been undermined and severely damaged by the immature rants and grifting actions of Donald Trump and his brood.

    1. She was #1 on my list until recently. But yes, I would certainly still welcome a Biden/Rice ticket!

  2. I was “meh” about Sen. Duckworth but I really like her fighting spirit. She’s unafraid to go after Trump/Pence and I think she’d be a great addition to the ticket.

    That being said, Sen. Tammy Baldwin is still my first choice as Biden’s VP.

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