Tom Palzewicz: What Independence Day means to me

For those of you who don’t know Tom Palzewicz, I guess I haven’t been doing my job. Mr. Palzewicz ran against Rep. James Sensenbrenner in 2018 for the WI 5th District Congressional Seat. And now in 2020, as Rep. Sensenbrenner has announced his retirement, he is running against the incumbent State Senate Majority Leader, Scott Fitzgerald, for that same seat.

So on this Independence Day, I’d like to share his message received via our inbox:


Nearly 244 years ago, our founding fathers gathered to change the course of history by signing the Declaration of Independence. They were taking a tremendous leap forward for humankind, but also at considerable risk. Several signers were captured and tortured by the British. Others had their homes ransacked and their farms burned. Many had children who fought and died in the Revolutionary War.

We will not forget their profound sacrifices.

As we celebrate this consequential holiday and the birth of our great nation, I wish to share what Independence Day means to me. It speaks to so many aspects of my life.

After serving in the Navy, it reminds me of our shared duty to our great country. From my time in business, it reminds me that our economic freedom and prosperity is a product of the founders’ sacrifices. As a father and a citizen, Independence Day reminds me of the bonds that join such a broad, diverse country together and the sacrifices we make so our children can enjoy an American dream even greater than our own.

From our Declaration, we remember these self-evident truths; all men are created equal and entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The hard truth is we have not always met these ideals.

That’s why I am running for Congress. I’m not running because America is perfect, but because our founders believed in a unique vision for this country, our grand experiment in democracy. We will make sacrifices along the way, but America and our children will be better off as a result.

Wishing you a happy Independence Day,

Tom Palzewicz

courtesy of Palzewicz for Wisconsin

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