You Knew It Was Too Good To Be True: Sen. Johnson Reverses Course on Juneteenth Day.

So, here’s a big sigh of consternation. But Sen. Ron Johnson (R – WI) and Sen. James Lankford (R – OK) have already withdrawn their proposal to make Juneteenth Day a national holiday, replacing Columbus Day.

U.S. Senators Ron Johnson and James Lankford are backtracking on a proposed amendment that would have replaced Columbus Day with Juneteenth Day as a federal holiday.

On Friday, Johnson and Lankford said they were withdrawing the proposed amendment and introducing a modified substitute amendment that would reduce the number of paid leave days for federal employees.

emphasis mine

Yes, yes, that’s it. Let’s stick it to federal employees (and Black Americans) by not only ignoring Juneteenth Day but by reducing the number of paid federal holidays.

Yes it was too good to be true…and now we see the real Sen. Johnson that we have come to know and hate…

“Instead of eliminating a current holiday to make room for Juneteenth Day, I will be proposing to reduce the number of paid leave days federal employees receive, to offset the cost of the new holiday celebrating emancipation. This modification both preserves Columbus Day and the dollars of hard-working taxpayers,” said Johnson.

oh, bother.


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