Donald Trump’s War On Christmas!

With all of the brouhaha around the United States Postal Service and the effects on mail in ballots for the coming election, there are a number of other impacts being overlooked.

Of course the side effects are the collateral damage on e-commerce in general and maybe Amazon in particular.

But what about this President’s War on Christmas? Americans send between 1.6 billion and 2 billion Christmas cards a year (not to mention gifts). Any imposed deficiencies on the USPS would delay Christmas cards and gifts…and therefore the True Spirit of Christmas itself.

And what would the Christian voting population think if the Postmaster General announced that in order to get all of the Christmas cards to their destinations on time…they have to be mailed by November 2, 2020?

And when do we need to ship packages to our ‘boys’ overseas to get them to the APO and FPO destinations on time? Talk about stale fruit cakes! Is that the best we can do for our troops?

So, vote no on President Donald Trump’s War On Christmas!


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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s War On Christmas!

  1. Thank Government the spirit of Christmas survives.
    Both Biden and Trump promise fighter escort for Santa in December if you cast a savvy vote in November.

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